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fine art

Obstacles - Available through

This page will give you a quick look at some of the fine art I have done over the years.  I have several favorite artists including Robert Bateman, Daniel Smith, Steve Hanks, Rod Fredricks, and Terry Issac. The most influential artist however in my work is Carl Brenders. He is certainly a master at capturing realism in his subjects but also and most importantly he is able to draw you in and tell a story with his paintings. Mr. Brenders’ is published through Millpond Press. He has painted everything from Lions to Chipmunks, Elk to Wolves, and Butterflies to Elephants. He is most known for painting his subjects up close and personal. Most of his subject matter fills up a third of the canvas or more. This requires incredible detail in every aspect of the painting.  I encourage you to check out his work at

Creek Bed - Available through

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