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I am currently an exclusive vector stock illustrator with I have a variety of illustration styles that I have been working on over the last year and a half since joining iStock. This last December I had the number #1 downloaded vector illustration on iStock during the third week of the month. It was only for one week but I will take it! It was truly exciting and hard to believe after seeing all of the other amazing files that have reached those heights only to see mine in the same place. Here is the illustration that got me to #1. Thanks to all of those who helped it get there.

Elegant Christmas Tree -

Elegant Christmas tree for purchase on

The vector pencil illustration below was a lot of fun.  My kids asked me while I was working on them “uh dad….why are you drawing pencils?” They were a little confused since you are supposed to draw things with pencils not ‘draw” pencils.  The leaf illustration was a little test to see how well my WACOM tablet would work in Illustrator.  It was tougher than I thought it would be but I think it turned out really nice.  I plan to do more illustrations with this style in the near future.  I have always loved silhouette illustrations so it was a easy decision when I started with iStock that I was going to do a few of them.  The illustration below with the boy fishing and the moon rising is my favorite.  Who wouldn’t want to be there enjoying that view!

Click on any of the Illustrations below to head on over to to view them in more detail.  Be sure to check out my full portfolio while you are there.

I have a wide variety of illustrations that were developed primarily for backgrounds.  These can be used for almost anything including backgrounds for Microsoft Power Point or Apples’ Keynote, or even just for backgrounds in Microsoft Word Documents.  These files are very versatile for design projects, marketing pieces and presentations.

To view my entire collection of Illustrations on iStock click here.

Contact: Russ Lickteig  /  /  515-276-4942